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Stop Hiding Inc. Community Forum: Encourage, Educate and Empower Individuals to STOP HIDING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE! April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Month…

NEW YORK:____ The effects of child sexual abuse are long lasting and impacts the victim’s mental integrity, quality of life, and sense of security.

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 12 noon at Hope City Church in Brooklyn, NY, Stop Hiding Inc. (SHI) will launch its first event to introduce the organization to the world! SHI is a national non-profit organization on a mission to stop the silence and empower individuals and families affected by sexual abuse to STOP HIDING.

This Community Forum is the first of many to come, there will be guest speakers, resources, mindful tips, and tools for healing practices. This event is in partnership with Child Protective Services, Counselors, the NYPD Domestic Violence Unit, along with brave guests who will share their stories of overcoming the difficulties of Child Sexual Abuse. With full acknowledgment of the sensitivity of this topic, it will be discussed with empathy in mind, but we are not going to whisper anymore!

Stop Hiding, Inc. in collaboration with you will help to put pressure on legislators to amend antiquated laws that will do more to prevent child sexual abuse and hold abusers accountable for the damage they have caused. Stop Hiding, Inc. will advocate for change to current legislation, provide awareness, education, and empower individuals to speak up and take steps toward prevention while providing a robust strategy for community engagement and healing…

For more information visit to register for the event or call 347-424-9972.  Follow us @stophidinginc
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