Essential To NYC Campaign:


NEW YORK:____ This week, the City is launching #EssentialToNYC, a digital art campaign reaffirming support for essential workers in New York City.

 As part of a larger cross-agency initiative to support delivery workers, the campaign celebrates and thanks these workers, bodega and grocery store workers, home care workers among the City’s health care workers, nail salon technicians, and all aestheticians, and taxi workers among all workers who transport New Yorkers.

Featuring real New Yorkers of these professions, the campaign highlights the importance of these heroes in keeping the City running and connects New Yorkers to resources available to all, regardless of immigration status.

Finally, it encourages New Yorkers to stand in solidarity against acts of discrimination, harassment, and violence that many essential workers continue to face.

To help uplift New York City’s essential workers, visit the resource page and social media toolkit: 


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