December Community Board 1 Newsletter


Drop off your tree at any Mulchfest location during park hours between December 26 and January 9 or join us at Chipping Weekend on Saturday, January 8 and Sunday, January 9!

Office Information
We have a new phone number for our office main line! Please update all records. In the near future, all calls to our old number will go to a recording. Please start using the new number immediately!

(212) 602-6300

Community Board 1 is now open four days a week according to the meeting schedule. If you need in person service, you must email us first at

Land Use Updates
250 Water St ULURP – This application has been approved by the City Council. CB1 has requested and is awaiting final documentation on modifications and Points of Agreement (POA).
250 Water Street Brownfield Cleanup Program
On 11/16/2021 the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) released a Fact Sheet regarding the approval of the Remedial Action Work Plan for the 250 Water St Brownfield Cleanup Program. Please see the approval letter here, and the public comment response summary here. For all project documents, please see the document repository here.


Regarding the ongoing geotechnical survey, the following notice was circulated by the Howard Hughes Corporation on 12/14/2021:

Greetings All,

Please be aware that Langan Engineering completed five additional borings this past weekend, and the final three geotechnical borings at the 250 Water Street site will be completed this weekend on Saturday, December 18th and Sunday, December 19th from 8am to 4pm.

As explained in the detailed notice sent on 11.23, the geotechnical scope of this routine work has been approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). It is not part of site remediation under the State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP). However, to ensure safe air quality at all times, the Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) and Health and Safety Plan (HASP) implemented during the Remedial Investigation as part of the BCP will be employed throughout this process. The CAMP plan consists of six perimeter air monitoring stations and a work zone station to monitor organic compounds, vapor and dust. Langan is preparing daily air monitoring reports for submission to DEC, which also will be posted to the BCP website.

Ricky Wong

Director of Community Relations | The Howard Hughes Corporation
The Seaport | 199 Water Street | 28th Floor New York, NY 10038

646-783-1856 office | 646-647-7635 mobile | 212-248-5168 fax



Update from Lawra Dodge, Excel Environmental Resources & Independent Community Monitor:

This weekend the last three soil borings are being completed and that will finish the Geotechnical Investigation. The last three borings are along Peck Slip in areas where there is documented petroleum discharges from leaking underground storage tanks.

Excel Environmental Resources was on site on Saturday to confirm that the CAMPs were properly set up and wind direction was monitored and to verify air quality offsite on all sides of the property. They monitored whether or not there were VOC readings of concern and any noticeable odors during drilling on and offsite in the downwind direction, including immediately across the street on the sidewalk in front of the Peck Slip School.
They have photographed the site activities and verified that the soil borings from last weekend were restored with cold patch asphalt and that there is no subsidence or sink hole issues.

CB1 has not been notified by Excel Environmental Resources of any urgent concerns during the work taking place this weekend (Dec 18 +19) and is awaiting a report of final observations from Lawra Dodge, Independent Community Monitor.

Daily Field Reports and more information on the 250 Water BCP and Geotechnical Survey can be accessed at

The drums on site from the Geotechincal work, which contain soil cuttings from the drilling, will be carted offsite once all the borings are completed and disposal facility approval is in hand.

It takes a few weeks to make the arrangements because there is a process for getting approval from the disposal facility, including lab analysis of soil samples taken from the drums. Once all the borings are complete and soil disposal data are in hand, which takes at least a week, then they have to apply for approval from the disposal facility. Once accepted, they have to make the arrangements for the drums to be picked up by a contractor that will transport them for proper offsite disposal.

This process is industry standard and it is not uncommon for it to take 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the laboratory turn around times, how responsive the disposal facilities are, etc. It is anticipated that the drums will be offsite in 1-2 weeks.


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