Allies in Congress stand with the Muslim community at Emgage Gala


The gala showcased the importance of engagement with the Muslim American community. Specifically, the importance of speaking up against hate. Here are some of the most moving moments from last night’s gala:

“In these past 15 years you’ve helped so much from your early days of organizing at the local level to the national voice you’ve become today, hosting presidential forums and mobilizing more Muslim voters than ever before. And I’m so proud to be your partner…And now I want to talk about the outrageous situation that Dilawar Syed is facing. For months now, Senate Republicans on the Small Business Committee have refused to even show up to work all because President Biden nominated Dilawar Syed, a Muslim American…that is so blatantly Islamophobic.”

-Rep. Judy Chu


“When any of my three Muslim colleagues in Congress are attacked, even hatefully, I will stand up for them vocally. When my sister Ilhan and Jan Schakowsky propose legislation to have a special envoy for Islamophobia, I will stand up for it…even as a Jewish member of Congress, I will continue to be the most vocal among us in saying that Palestinians deserve and must have their full human and political rights.”

-Rep. Andy Levin


“I’m delighted that I’m a cosponsor of the legislation to have a special envoy on Islamophobia…so many of them [Republicans] continue to proclaim that somehow America is officially a Christian government…We’re not an officially anything country, in terms of a particular religious doctrine. We’re a country that’s trying to promote freedom for religious worship and exercise for everybody…”


-Rep. Jamie Raskin

Thank you for being a part of this program with us. Without generous donations from supporters like you, our work could not be possible. And from our Emgage family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and a very blessed New Year!



Wa’el Alzayat

Emgage CEO


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