Saudi Arabia Changes COVID-19 Guidelines for Umrah Pilgrims.


RIYADH:____  The Saudi Arabian authorities have updated the COVID-19 advisory for Umrah, allowing the pilgrims to perform Umrah immediately upon arrival if they are inoculated with vaccines approved by the kingdom.

According to a Gulf media report, Umrah pilgrims who are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by Saudi Arabia would not need to undergo quarantine after entering the country.

The Saudi Haj ministry listed the requirements for pilgrims coming to the country on Umrah visa from non-restricted countries.

Those who are vaccinated with Saudi-approved vaccines can perform Umrah immediately upon arrival while those inoculated with WHO-approved vaccines have to undergo three-day quarantine.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued the instructions to all airlines operating in the country.

It confirmed that implementation of these procedures will take effect from (01:00) in the morning on Saturday, corresponding to Dec. 4, 2021.

GACA stated that all carriers should continue to educate travellers about the importance of adhering to the application of all precautionary and preventive measures adopted in Saudi Arabia.


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