HCA Condemns Assault Against Hotel Chinese Worker.


NEW YORK:___ A female member of our association was hospitalized Sunday morning after being assaulted by a guest at a Manhattan Midtown hotel . We stand togather to strongly condemn the violent and inappropriate behavior and urge law enforcement agencies to take the incident seriously .Hope that the hotel will provide all employees with effective job security.

The female Chinese Hotel Worker was working on her evening shift Saturday evening. During her shift,a Caucasian male came out of his room,naked,wrapped his arms around her in a “bear hug” and tried to rape her.

The victim struggled with the assaulter and was hit in the head.She was sent to the hospital and deemed stable.The hotel guest assaulter was later arrested by the NYPD.

We urge the law enforcement agencies including the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance,Jr.to take the incident seriously as New York City reopens and welcomes the world.These problematic behavior can not be tolerated as they endanger service workes and tourists !.
Hotel Chinese Association of USA.


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