We are just ONE seat away from retaking the Senate in 2022


We are just ONE seat away from taking back the Senate in the upcoming Midterm Elections! I recently had the great privilege of joining our RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel as her guest on “Real America” to discuss how the Republican Party will secure the Senate in 2022.

As the proud Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, I can tell you firsthand I am confident we are going to win back a majority in 2022 and retake the Senate for our Conservative cause.

Joe Biden and the Left are showing the American People that Democrat leadership is synonymous with reckless spending, skyrocketing prices, dangerous neighborhoods, and radical indoctrination in the classroom. Let’s be very clear, Democrats are FAILING our country and as a result the American people are paying the price.

But as Chairman McDaniel and I discussed in today’s episode, all that can change in 2022 if the Republican Party retakes control of the Senate and puts a STOP to these radical Socialist policies. Republican leadership will remind the American people we are the Party of hard-work, lower taxes, less regulation, slashing government interference, and school choice.

This is our country, Manzoor, and the American Dream is on the line in 2022. Make no mistake about it, now is the time to work to ensure the future of our nation is protected for generations to come.

I hope Chairman McDaniel and my conversation will inspire you to join in the fight to win back control of the Senate in what will be the most important midterms in our history.

Thank you,

Senator Rick Scott


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