Governor Hochul has yet to act on S4817A/A1141A; Please urge her to sign the bill today!

Nonprofit New York Members and Community,
Governor Hochul has yet to act on S4817A/A1141A which would repeal the new double filing requirement for nonprofits to now have to file their CHAR 500 with the Department of State (DOS) for the first time, in addition to the Charities Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office. The bill was delivered to Governor Hochul on Monday, November 1st, and her deadline to act on the bill is this Friday, November 12th. We only have a couple days left to let the Governor know this bill has broad sector support across New York!

We know many nonprofits are preparing their state filings due on November 15th. Currently, the proposed DOS regulations on the new double filing requirement would require nonprofits to file their CHAR 500 with the DOS no later than when they file with the AG Charities Bureau. For thousands of  organizations with a fiscal year ending December 31, this new duplicative filing will take place on November 15th. We need your immediate action to prevent this new and costly administrative burden on the sector. Please urge Governor Hochul to swiftly sign the bill before her.

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