Statement on New York Blood Center Rezoning Proposal


“Our climb upward from the unprecedented, coronavirus-induced economic crisis has been terribly steep for households of color. It is widely accepted that the New York Blood Center’s modernization and expansion proposal, Center East, has the potential to yield jobs, revenue and technological advances in medicine that taken together can help uplift our historically underserved communities, treat debilitating diseases, and endure the effects of a future outbreak. The debate over this project began with a mutual appreciation for the other’s needs – including a recognition that the plan must limit the inherent disruption to the tranquility enjoyed by the Blood Center’s neighbors – but has since given way to vitriol and cynical views of each party’s motives. We urge all of the stakeholders involved in the negotiations over the proposal to act in good faith, operate from the baseline of understanding from which these discussions originated, and find a way to get to YES. The consequences of a failed outcome would be incalculable, and one that our city can ill afford at this critical juncture.”


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