Our Collective Delivers United Nations Vision of the Future


NEW YORK:____ The United Nations (UN) is the largest intergovernmental organization in the world, trusted to maintain peace and provide economic prosperity through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) global initiatives to be achieved by 2030. Our Collective is a global alliance of Activists, Artisans and Artists dedicated to synergetic missions; and its members include Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) associated with the UN. A gathering of likeminded souls in the Queens Chinatown district of New York City, delivered powerful messages to calls for actions in safeguarding the future of humanity and our planet. The event was hosted by UN Commutech Group, and sponsored by 2U promoting their 5G telecommunication products and services. Creator of Our Collective – Dr. Leong Ying was invited as moderator to his invited panel of dignitaries and celebrities associated with his organization.

On the topics of technologies, Vernon Gibbs cofounder of NFTiMart briefed the audience on the basics of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) that will revolutionize how digital smart contracts will transform the future of commerce and trade. He was followed on stage by his NFTiMart colleague and global superstar – Aaron Paul on the marketing strategies to make him the King of NFT. Blockchain is the technology upon which NFT are constructed, and an appropriate expert speaker on this subject matter was UN IT Manager – Mongkol Thitithamasak, cofounder of Yezcoin, who delivered his presentation remotely from Switzerland.

Another remote speaker from Spain was Andrea Wen to describe how her One Humanity One World (OHOW) global social movement plans to provide free educational contents to all children in the world, no matter their wealth or status in society. Continuing on the topics of profitability and philanthropy, the founding executives of Reocomm Group Holdings: Dr. Raphael Ajalie and Dr. Deborah Olusa explained how they collaborated with Our Collective to form The Collective Infrastructure Limited (CIL) entity in Nigeria to facilitate a potential $2.3B investment into the construction of the proposed Lekki International Airport in Lagos State, and how such profitable enterprises will be used to also support local socially responsible philanthropic missions.

Such was the caliber of participants, a Middle Eastern Royalty and Hollywood celebrity – Prince Dr. Olympia Gellini flew overnight from Los Angeles to New York to personally attend this event, and then headed back to the airport to return to his Hollywood base. Dr. Gellini is the founder of the Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards, the latter is a proposed international Olympic style tri-annual event dedicated to supporting the Arts and Cultures of the world.

The event and virtual speakers were live streamed on Our Collective social channels, and covered by local and international media outlets, represented by Gerard McKeon of Blacktie Magazine, Manzoor Hussain of Dunya International, and Jack Zhang of eStar TV.


Our Collective: http://www.our-collective.com/

UN Commutech Group: https://uncgtv.co/

NFTiMart: http://www.nftimart.com/

Reocomm Group Holdings: http://www.reocommgroup.com/

One Humanity One World: https://www.onehumanityoneworld.com/

Family Film Awards: https://www.thefamilyfilmawards.org/

Dr. Leong Ying
Email: leong@klystar.com
Mobile: 212 203 5842


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