Linda Lee Stands with NYTWA Members in Medallion Debt Crisis


Democrat Linda Lee Stands with Taxi Medallion Owners 

Lee joins dozens of federal, state, and local lawmakers in supporting an alternative to the proposal offered by the de Blasio Administration. 

QUEENS, NY – Last night, Democrat Linda Lee stood with members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance in solidarity with their demands for a city-backed guarantee on medallion debt held by New York taxi medallion owner-drivers. Lee, who also signed onto a letter released by a coalition of state and local elected officials and candidates, hopes to represent a district heavily impacted by the medallion-debt crisis.

“The taxi medallion crisis represents a breach of faith between New York City and its residents,” said Linda Lee.“Thousands of families trusted the City when it sold them a product it promised would deliver them a path into the middle-class and upward mobility for their children. Instead, the City sold out to private interests, failed to regulate the ride-sharing industry, and balanced its budget by promising something it wasn’t prepared to uphold. Now, instead of offering the iron-clad guarantee the City should have extended years ago, owner-operators are getting poked in the eye while watching the financial interests who speculated on the medallions get bailed out. It’s beyond frustrating to see families on the verge of losing their homes as a result of the City’s inaction, and I refuse to leave these families holding the bag on account of the City’s greed.”

District 23, which Lee hopes to represent on the City Council, is the second-most diverse in the City, with over 45% of the population being Asian-American. Lee is currently the President and CEO of Korean Community Services, a community-based nonprofit in Queens that provides social services to the community. If elected, Lee would be the first Korean-American elected to the Council, and the first woman and person of color elected in District 23.


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