As New York City Gears Up for Local Elections on June 22, AAF Launches New Civic Engagement Video Series To Educate New Yorkers


New York :___ As New York City gears up for the 2021 citywide elections starting with the primary elections in June, with 35 out of 51 council seats up for grabs, and an extremely competitive mayoral race, the Asian American Federation (AAF) releases the first video in the Raise AAPI Voices series. This video is the first in a series that aims to educate Asian New Yorkers about ranked choice voting system, the value of joining community boards, providing feedback to the City Council, and other ways to engage with the city’s civic institutions in an informative and fun way. NYC voters will be using the new Ranked Choice Voting system to cast their ballots for the first time and AAF wants to educate Asian New Yorkers about the value of having their voices heard. In the past, turnout among Asian voters has been lower than other communities in New York City and AAF’s Raise AAPI Voices series aims to ensure that Asian voters actively participate in the democratic process and make sure that the needs and opinions of this marginalized community reach decision makers in government.

The video is available in 6 languages today: Bangla, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tagalog, in addition to English.

The Ranked Choice Voting video is viewable at:

Additional videos in our series will be released bi-weekly and will cover such topics as community boards, elected offices, and how to engage with the civic institutions of our city.

  • “What is a Community Board?” – June 23

  • “How to Join a Community Board” – July 7

  • “How to Provide Feedback to City Council” – July 21

  • “Local Elected Offices Explained” – August 4

The Asian American Federation works to raise the influence and well-being of the pan-Asian American community through research, policy advocacy, public awareness, and organizational development. Established in 1989, AAF works with over 70 Asian American member and partner organizations who represent the collective interests of 1.3 million Asian New Yorkers, the fastest-growing population in New York City.


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