Yang, Gibson and Torres Team Up to Build Next-Generation Coalition of Bronx Leaders at Borough Hall Campaign Rally


New York, NY — Today, at a joint-campaign rally on the steps of Bronx Borough Hall, New York City Council Member Vanessa Gibson announced her endorsement of Andrew Yang for mayor of New York City, as he endorsed her for Bronx Borough President.

Said Vanessa Gibson, “Andrew Yang has the bold and creative ideas we need to get our City back on track and ensure that the Bronx is not left behind in the City’s economic recovery. He is not beholden to anyone but New Yorkers, and has proven he is willing to do what is necessary to rebuild our city. I am deeply inspired by his vision for our City and this borough, and through a strong partnership, together we will uplift Bronx working families and essential workers who have gotten us through this pandemic.”

Said Andrew Yang, “Anyone who has spent even just five minutes with Vanessa Gibson can feel her incredible passion for improving the lives of New Yorkers — a passion we bonded over instantly. Her work as chair of the Council Public Safety Committee, advocacy for a tenant’s right to counsel, and deep love of the Bronx are unparalleled. I’m so proud to be partnering with Vanessa as our coalition of next generation leaders continues to grow stronger everyday. She is exactly what the Bronx needs in its next Borough President and I cannot wait to work with her in City Hall to bring cash relief to New Yorkers, create a People’s Bank, and so much more.”

Said Congressman Ritchie Torrres, “Andrew Yang and Vanessa Gibson are two political leaders who understand that it’s going to take audacious thinking and serious policy proposals to help bring back the City from the depths of the pandemic. They’re a dynamic duo who will work together to ensure that City Hall addresses the needs of Bronx residents, many of whom are essential workers who kept the City running in order for New Yorkers to quarantine at home. I am proud to endorse Vanessa Gibson for Bronx Borough President and to be the Co-Chair of Andrew Yang’s Mayoral campaign.”

Gibson’s endorsement comes just after NYS Assemblyman Kenny Burgos recently endorsed Yang’s candidacy, and she joins Congressman Ritchie Torres, Yang for NY campaign Co-Chair, in support of the Yang campaign.

Raised in Morris Heights, Council Member Gibson has represented The Bronx’s 16th Council District since 2014 advocating for affordable housing, low income families, seniors, LGBTQ rights, gender equity, employment access, and meaningful opportunities for our youth. As Chair of the Council’s Committee on Public Safety, Council Member Gibson, the first woman and first person of color to hold, handled oversight of the operations and budget of New York Police Department, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the District Attorneys offices and the Special Narcotics prosecutor, and Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice.

Read more about Andrew’s Blueprint for NYC here.


Cash Relief & COVID Recovery

Our way of life has been devastated by the pandemic. Accelerating our city’s recovery is critical. New York City has to be the fastest city to come back safely.

New Yorkers are some of the greatest people in the world. This is why we’ve all sacrificed so much over the past year to keep each other safe. The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, and even with vaccine distribution starting, it’s going to take a while to get back to normal.

The economy is hurting but, more importantly, families and individuals are hurting. Unemployment is unacceptably high, and we need to figure out how to keep people in their homes.

We need to have the right leadership and a comprehensive plan to get our City back on its feet.

The pandemic has been most devastating to the most vulnerable New Yorkers. This means we must tackle poverty and homelessness in a meaningful way, and prevent more families from losing their homes as we face the largest eviction crisis this City has seen. We need to find ways to make the City affordable so that our people can thrive and live sustainably.

It requires a plan to help our small businesses through this trying time, expanding opportunity in the City and creating a more equitable economy.

It means reopening schools and helping our children catch up and deal with the mental health toll that the past year has taken on them.

It’s going to take a herculean effort to distribute the vaccine and address the ongoing public health issues – especially for “long haul” COVID-19 patients – that we are still learning about every day.

And, we can’t forget, it means reviving our restaurants and culture and nightlife, reminding us all of why so many people love the City and the good times that we’ve shared with friends and family here.

A lot will need to be done to recover from the pandemic. Read through the following plans for Andrew’s vision to


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