No, No No To Kew Gardens Jail ✋


Community Jail Plan is Fundamentally Wrong

I have been fighting against plans for a new towering jail in our community for three years.  And, again, this past Friday, when the latest appeal was rejected.

The many reasons we must continue the fight:

❌ NO to $33 billion

NYC cannot justify spending $33 billion on 5,500 inmates (…a staggering $5 million per inmate) when we need money for schools, infrastructure improvement and small business support.

❌ NO meaningful savings

Supporters argue that the new jails will improve transportation between the courts and jail.  But experts say it will take 290 years of transportation cost savings to offset the building budget.

❌ NO to criminals near kids

The proposed Kew Gardens jail site is only a few hundred yards from the nearest schools.  Is that fair to our children?

❌ NO to poor quality of life

Who wants to live under the shadow of a tower high jail and all the associated traffic and transportation issues?  There will be an impact on tourism too.

✅ YES to rebuilding Rikers

We can and should look to improve and rebuild Rikers.  Simply moving the jail into our local communities won’t fix the problems.  In fact, Rikers was built with a vision of being a better solution.  So we should improve, not start over.

You can read more of my thoughts here.  And if you want to discuss and join our fight you can email me directly.


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