Attorney General James Praises President Biden’s Call for Gun Reform


NEW YORK:_____ New York Attorney General Letitia James today praised President Joseph Biden’s call for gun reform that included universal background checks and an assault weapons ban following two mass shootings in the last week. This afternoon, President Biden called on Congress to take immediate action on the two common sense measures. Attorney General James additionally called on President Biden and Congress to work together to ban ghost guns once and for all. Ghost guns are untraceable firearms that are built or printed and that do not have serial numbers or other identifying features.

“President Biden is right,” said Attorney General James. “We need immediate action to end this violence and we need it now. We must restore the assault weapons ban, implement universal background checks, and ban ghost guns. Congress and the Biden Administration must move before the next massacre takes additional innocent lives.”

Attorney General James has fought for common sense gun reforms and gun safety measures since taking office by taking a multipronged approach that has included taking action to stop ghost guns from flooding the streets, prosecuting gun traffickers, buying back hundreds of dangerous firearms, and supporting other states in their fights for gun safety by filing multiple amicus briefs.


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