iOS Whatsapp users unable to play voice messages


WhatsApp users, accessing the app on iOS, have reported problems in playing voice messages.

 “I confirm that some users having WhatsApp for iOS are experiencing issues playing voice messages. Have you the same problem? Please share your WhatsApp and iOS version: I’d like to understand if you’re on the latest iOS 14 beta,” one of the Whatsapp technical groups confirmed the issue on Monday.

Previously, Whatsapp had said that the users won’t be able to either send or receive messages on the app if app users do not acce

pt its updated terms and conditions by May 15.

According to TechCrunch, those who do not accept the updated terms of service of the instant-messaging app will have their accounts listed as “inactive”. Accounts that are listed as inactive can be deleted after 120 days.

As per the tech website, the app will continue to allow the user to avail the call and notifications functions for a short period of time after the deadline passes, which is probably “a few weeks”.


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