Council Member Farah Louis Endorses Adams for Mayor

  • Adams and Louis push Adams’ childcare-for-all plan with childcare workers

     New York, NY — Council Member Farah Louis endorsed Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for mayor today, praising his work on behalf of working people and plans for universal childcare access, pay equity and delivery of City services.

    “Eric Adams has been a champion for working people and communities of color for 40 years because he faced the same challenges they face growing up in South Jamaica, Queens,” Council Member Farah Louis said. “Eric has fought and won for us again and again–for police reform, public safety, pay equity and housing; and against inequality and injustice. Today I am proud and excited to endorse our next mayor, Eric Adams.”

    “Council Member Louis is a strong, effective advocate for our communities–particularly for women and children who need and deserve the City’s support,” Borough President Adams said. “It is an honor to have Council Member Louis’ endorsement and partnership as we work to reverse the inequalities that existed long before COVID, but which are absolutely devastating to so many New Yorkers during this crisis.”

    Borough President Adams and Council Member Louis also pushed Adams’ plan to provide childcare to every New York parent who needs it, standing with childcare workers.

    “Growing up in South Jamaica, Queens, my single mother struggled to balance work and taking care of her kids–often having to rely on friends or neighbors to watch us just so that she could earn money to put food on the table,” Borough President Adams said. “Today, hundreds-of-thousands of New Yorkers — and women of color in particular — are unable to break into the middle class simply because they cannot find a safe, accessible, affordable daycare provider to place their child with for the day–and children often do not get the tools they need to have the best chance at success. That is why today I am expanding on a proposal I put out last month as part of my 100+ Steps Forward for New York plan to provide childcare to every New Yorker who needs it. Not only will this be an immediate economic stimulus for our lower-income and middle-income parents at a time when they desperately need it; but it will also set our children on a better path to success.

    “Thank you Borough President Adams for addressing our childcare crisis and your leadership,” said Saima Javed, a Pre-K teacher’s assistant in Brooklyn. “As a working mother who cares for children during the day, I myself need help to afford childcare for my four children in order to keep working.”

    “The demand for childcare in Brooklyn is huge–but there are simply not enough slots for young children,” said Mohammad Razvi, CEO of the Council of Peoples Organization (COPO), a local childcare provider. “Providers need help to open up more space so that parents can take advantage of existing subsidies–and Eric Adams’ excellent plan for universal city childcare would lead to cheaper or free rents for us to expand and meet the demand.”


    Adams’ plan would provide universal access to childcare by:

    – Prioritizing space in City-owned buildings for childcare.

    – Expanding the City’s child tax credit to help path for care.

    – Providing density bonuses to residential building developers who guarantee permanently free or low rent to providers.

    – Offering a tax break to office building owners and other private building owners who create free space for providers.

    – Eliminating the Commercial Rent Tax for childcare providers.

    – Creating a shared inventory of City-contracted and private childcare spots.

    – Expediting background checks on childcare workers.

    – Dropping City permit costs for after-school and other childcare programs at City buildings.

    – Locking in affordable leases through the City for childcare in open storefronts.

    – Installing a childcare czar to oversee all childcare in the city.




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