Your NYC, Your Human Rights: January Newsletter


Commission Continues to Creatively Address Source of Income Discrimination

Through a new strategy to address systemic source of income discrimination, the Commission now requires landlords who discriminate against individuals because they are voucher-holders to not only repair the harm to that individual, but also to set aside units to provide housing to additional voucher-holders. Since implementing this strategy, the Commission has negotiated 58 units for families using housing vouchers, ensuring they have access to safe housing. Learn more about source of income discrimination
Commission Staff Member’s COVID-19 Work Recognized by City
Flora Ferng, the Commission’s East Asian Communities Liaison, received the annual award given by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services and the Frederick O’Reilly Hayes Foundation for her work combating anti-Asian discrimination as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since February 2020, Flora has organized bias response town halls with community partners to educate Asian New Yorkers about their rights in the midst of heightened levels of discrimination, reaching thousands of people. Read more here.

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We’re Not Kidding Around
A broker and several affiliated landlords told a single mom that they would not show her apartments because, according to them, she “had too many kids.” This is illegal discrimination, and after our investigation confirmed what happened, we settled the case, requiring the landlords and broker to pay $10,000 in damages and penalties and change their policies. Learn more about discrimination on the basis of presence of children.
Why Do You Still Believe in NYC?
Even while facing COVID-related stigma, thousands of Asian and Pacific Islander New Yorkers continue to support the City as essential workers in health care, food service, and transportation. They haven’t given up on New York City, and the Commission hasn’t either. Visit to share why YOU still believe in New York City and stay tuned for more updates on this public awareness campaign coming this spring!

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Know Your Rights: Vaccines
The Commission has updated its COVID-19 and human rights guidance to address employer requirements regarding vaccine administration and requirements. Learn more here.

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Harmonious Relations; Thrived Families
Wednesday, February 17. 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Black History Month/Natural Hair Celebration: To and ‘Fro: The Journey to Honor Black Hair as an Act of Self Determination
Thursday, February 18 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Celebrando la Historia de la República Dominicana/Celebrating the Dominican Republic History
Thursday, February 25 6:00pm – 8:00pm
I’ve Finally Learned to Love My Jewish Curls
Kveller 1/15/2021
City Government Commends 20 Outstanding Anti-Epidemic Employees and 3 Chinese Winners – World Journal
Racial Profiling Allegations Emerge at Luxury Brooklyn Rental Building After Guest Screening Conflicts and Dog Park Bans – The City


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