Biden – Harris 2020 Statement by Anthony Beckford


The people of America have spoken.  Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden pulled ahead in the polls to secure a win over President Donald Trump for the 2020 Presidential Election. So now Joe Biden is our President Elect and Kamala Harris is our Vice President. Kamala Harris has also secured a few history breaking moments. She is the First Black Afro-Carib Woman to be Vice President. I congratulate them both on their success and win, but we will not become comfortable while we are still dealing with uncomfortable circumstances in this country. We will hold them to task to focus and deliver the agenda of the people. Which means the End of Mass Incarceration, Medicare For All, Housing For All, Education Loans Forgiven, Criminal Justice Reform, Legalization of Marijuana, Climate Justice and many other issues. 

Let me also remind us all that our work is not done. There is more work to be done. We must come together and work together to make sure that progressive agendas and legislations for thr people of New York City are drafted, introduced and passed in City Hall.  This means that the People are needed to support the campaigns of those who have been taking lead in our communities to address our Housing Crisis, Gun Violence, Poverty, Covid-19, Criminal Justice Reform, Free CUNY and much moreI am one of those leaders along with many other advocates for the people who I have been working with and am building a coalition with for us to enter into the New York City Council with legislative pieces at the ready.  Today you can help bring back our democracy and sanity to our city, by donating to my campaign to help us reach our goal and secure a victory for the peopleDonations from within New York City are matched $8 to $1. Donations are also accepted from anyone in all 50 states.

Donate as little as $20 Today:

In Solidarity,
Anthony Beckford


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