Tomorrow is Election Day and if we’re going to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, there is a lot of work left to do before the final ballots are cast. 

So, if you haven’t voted yet, please make a voting plan right away including voting for Democrats on the Working Families Party (WFP) line all the way to the top of the ticket.

Here in New York, WFP is at risk of losing its automatic ballot line. They need at least 130,000 votes or two percent of the total vote on the WFP line. Don’t worry, a vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the WFP line will tally toward the Biden-Harris ticket.

If you’ve already voted, check in with your family, friends and neighbors and make sure they plan to get to the polls.

For voter resources including registration, polling and drop-off locations and a hotline for any questions you may have, check out and share IWillVote.com.


Folks, this is the most consequential election of our lifetime. Your vote is your voice — and your voice is needed now, more than ever. The more people we get to the polls, the better chance we have to elect Democrats up and down the ballot (on the WFP line!).

Even if you think the people in your circle have voted or will vote tomorrow, take a moment and double check and send them to IWillVote.com


We cannot afford to leave this election up to chance. But all of us can do our part to ensure the highest possible voter turnout — because the outcome will come down to these final moments.

Whatever you do, don’t sit this one out!

— Team Carlos




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