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Dear Friends,

As much of our district remains in Governor Cuomo’s “red zone”, I want to remind you that I am fighting each and every day for our children to return safely to school, for our businesses to reopen so that they can survive, and for the continued health and safety of all of my constituents.

As always, I remind you to please be careful and wear a mask when you are in public. Please do everything you can to support our local small businesses, who are suffering tremendously under Cuomo’s draconian regulations. Doctors in our community also urge you to get tested for COVID, even if you have no symptoms.

I have resources listed below, as well as media links that you may be interested in. I’ve also included links to my most recent radio shows, which include very important and relevant interviews. I encourage you to listen to them when you have the time!

I also want to remind you that Election Day is on Tuesday, November 3rd, and early voting is available in New York City. Information is listed below.

Stay safe, be careful, and hang in there. We will get through this together, and I have your back. Contact me with any questions or if you are in need of assistance at

Apply for Unemployment:

Click here to apply for unemployment online.
Click here for more information..

Get Tested for COVID:

Click here to find a testing site near you.

Small Business Owners:

Click here to find financial resources.


Click here to find your early voting poll site – it will likely be different than your standard Election Day poll site.

Click here to find out if you are registered to vote.

Click here to see a sample ballot.

Media Links:

Click here to read my op-ed regarding special education schools.

Click here to read about businesses in red zones being unfairly targeted.

Click here to read about unjust enforcement in Orthodox Jewish communities.

Click here to read about efforts to repeal the “restraint” law that limits police ability to conduct enforcement.

Click here to read about my work with colleagues, urging the city to release COVID data.

Chaim on the Radio: October 15, 2020
🔘Double standards & contradictory expectations for members of the NYPD with
👉Detective Paul DiGiacomo, President of the NYC Detective’s Endowment Association

🔘Special Education during COVID with
👉Hindy Hecht, Chief of Operations at OHEL
👉Juby Shapiro, family advocate
👉Jennifer Gheriani and Jennifer Eisenstein, parents of special needs students

🔘The importance of COVID testing with
👉Josh Mehlman, Chairman of the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition

Chaim on the Radio: October 22, 2020
🔘Special Education Providers
👉Raizy Rosenfeld, SEIT

🔘Small Businesses During COVID
👉Jacob Green, Co-Owner, Mixed Greens Cafe
👉Solomon Zarif, Co-Owner, Mixed Greens Cafe
👉Mike Green, Manager, Mixed Greens Cafe
👉Marc Cohen, Eat N Run Cafe

🔘Special Guests
👉Diedra Burke, Minnesota resident
👉Reuvain Borchardt, reporter for Hamodia US


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