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Upcoming 2019 ACS 1-year PUMS and Supplemental Estimates Release

Both the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) File and the 1-year Supplemental Estimates will be released on Thursday, October 15th.

Learn more about the 2019 Release Schedule

New Home for PUMS Materials on ACS Website!

Microdata section

Update your bookmarks: PUMS has a new section on! We have redesigned the PUMS section of! You can navigate to it from the Microdata tab on the left-hand navigation from the ACS home page. This new section serves as a one-stop shop for PUMS and allows for PUMS data, documentation, and resources to live in one place. The redesign also allows for us to feature helpful resources, such as the PUMS handbook, webinars, and more resources about using PUMS with the microdata access tool on

PUMS data are now located under Accessing PUMS Data and technical documentation is located under PUMS Documentation. We also have a revamped page of resources, How to Use PUMS on Any previous links that you have bookmarked will redirect to the new PUMS landing page until at least after the release of 2019 1-year and 5-year PUMS.

Discover ACS Microdata

Materials from Recent Events

2019 ACS 1-year Webinar

2019 ACS 1-Year Pre-Release Webinar

The webinar materials, including the recording, presentation, and transcript, are now available.

See Webinar Materials


Discover 2019 ACS 1-year estimates through our latest data visualizations! You can check out median household incomes by state in 2019 Median Household Income in the United States, or also check out a variety of subjects through our 2019 Interactive Data Wheel!

2019 ACS Interactive Data Wheel

Check out ACS Visualizations

General Users Handbook

Check out our latest handbook for data users: What All Data Users Need to Know! This general guide provides an overview of the ACS to help data users understand the basics of the survey, how the data can be used, how to judge the accuracy of ACS estimates, and how to access ACS data. This handbook was initially updated in 2018, but this re-release now includes the update to

Do you want to learn more about the ACS, some use cases, and how to access this data based on subjects, geographies, or data user type? Check out our data user handbooks!

Read the ACS Handbooks

handbooks for data users

acs vs 2020

The Importance of the American Community Survey and the 2020 Census provides an in-depth look at the ACS and the 2020 Census, including FAQs, downloadable flyers, and a video to explain the difference between the two.

Discover the Difference!

Share Your ACS Data Story

Check out our latest data story! The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation explains how a foundation in Indiana uses ACS data to put its dollars to work in the areas of greatest need!

Vulnerable Population Study SYS

Did you or your organization use the ACS to make an important decision, help your community, open/expand a business, etc? If so, we are eager to learn more about ACS data in action. Share your story by completing the fields in the following link to help us showcase the value of the ACS.



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