Ideas That Count-25th Edition & Mascot Contest Winner

Dear Trusted Partner,

This week’s version of Ideas That Count signifies a milestone – a very special 25th edition! Before I provide details of ITC-Volume XXV, I would like to thank you for providing me with some amazing content over the past six months. When I started this endeavor, I never imagined the response would be so positive and supportive. Not every idea works for every partner, but we have done our best to provide a variety of concepts that could either be used – as is – or might spark an idea of using, creating, or following something similar. Whatever the case, I am very thankful for your engagement and hope you have found this information to be helpful, useful, and successful.

 Ideas That Count – Volume XXV

The 25th edition of ITC is one that can be adapted by any organization, agency, or government. Under the leadership of  New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way, chairperson of the New Jersey Complete Count Commission (NJCCC) and a very committed 2020 Census partner, the New Jersey Department of State has initiated a social media campaign supporting self-response to the 2020 Census. What makes this idea special is that they dedicate social media posts and materials to planned weekly themes, showcasing the impact Census data has on so many areas of life in New Jersey. For example, this week they highlighted Seniors in New Jersey, placing a spotlight on the older residents of the state and the programs that serve them.

 The attached graphics, created in English and Spanish, were distributed by the state for everyone to use. Those materials from the NJ Census 2020 can then be shared (using #NJCensus2020) via their social media accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or the Middlesex County accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. As the schedule in the attachment indicates, NJ Census 2020 will focus on Local/State Business Community (May 18-24), Better Future, Strong Community (May 25-31), and Social Services (June 1-7) in the coming weeks.

 I love this idea because it provides a well-strategized plan to effectively reach all different areas, communities, and demographics across the state of New Jersey. It can certainly be copied and used to reach your constituents in a similar way.

 Mascot Contest Winner

I want to express my thanks to those who provided us with a New York Regional Mascot contest entry. We attracted some very smart and creative artwork, providing our panel of judges with the difficult task of selecting just one winner. But, alas, we had to select just one mascot. And I am proud to CONGRATULATE the very talented artistic team of JamesMeg, and Kevin, from Boston, MA, for creating the new mascot for the New York Region Census Center…

Meet Abeja!

Mark and Meg created the concept of Abeja (pronounced a-VE-ha), which translates to Bee in Spanish-language, so that it could be used to convey a variety of vital Census messaging points – Bee Counted, Bee Safe, Bee Great, Bee You! Kevin then created the artwork using versa chalk on black background. Their idea was to create a mascot that would be positive, uplifting, and versatile for the entire region. I think you will agree with me when I say they certainly achieved that initiative!


I am happy to provide you with an update to last week’s ITC. You may remember we had provided an idea from Rhode Island that promoted the use of lawn signs to remind residents to self-respond to the 2020 Census. We would like to help you put that idea into action! Please see the attached lawn sign digital template and feel free to use it as a promotional tool wherever you believe it can best serve your community.

 As always, please feel free to access our library ITC and Partnership Newsletters below. Also note that our Visual Toolkit is now available in Haitian-Creole. And please be on the lookout for our May Newsletter next week!

 In the meantime, be well and healthy.


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